Spanish Language Classes and Groups Autumn 2017 to Summer 2018

Spanish Language Classes The Society runs a number of very popular Spanish Language Courses for the benefit of our members. All our tutors and group leaders are volunteers. Consequently we can offer a pleasant, relaxed and enjoyable service either completely free or at extremely low cost.
Our courses are specifically for adult members only. Also, if you are studying Spanish at college or elsewhere you are very welcome to join our Conversation sessions but we would prefer you to wait until you have finished your course before joining one of our more formal courses.
To apply for one of the following courses please click on the link beside the course for an application form.
You will be contacted by email or by phone either by the language coordinator or by the tutor for the course. Please note all our courses are run by volunteers and they may take a few days to respond.
If you want more information fisrt please contact
Josie Wheeler - email:
Our own courses are always very popular and oversubscribed. So why not consider other providers of Spanish courses in the area? Click here to see a list.

Beginners Course - Day Time

October - July 2017-18 Thursday 09.30 to 10.30am The Link at Cosham Baptist Church £2 per session A course for complete beginners, led by a Ann, a qualified teacher of Spanish, with experience in FE and Schools. The course follows the BBC Book, Talk Spanish 1, with access to on line activities out of class.

Post Beginners Course - Day Time

The Post Beginners course is not available this year. A course will start in October 2018 to provide follow up for those who have completed a Beginner's course or who have an equivalent knowledge of Spanish. You will be able to enrol for this course from June 2018 onwards.

Improvers Course - Day Time

October - July 2017-18 Thursday 10.45am to 11.45am The Link at Cosham Baptist Church £2 per session For those who have completed a Post Beginners course, or who have an equivalent knowledge of Spanish. Led by Ann, a qualified teacher of Spanish, with experience in FE and schools. The course uses the BBC book Sueños 1 with access to on line activities out of class.

"How Spanish Works" course - Beginners or Improvers

About 12 weeks - Three courses throughout the year.
Can be taken by beginners or improvers
Monday or Tuesday - 7pm until 9pm - Actual days by arrangement with the students. At tutor's home in Havant No cost The tutor describes the course ---- 'Unfortunately learning a few Spanish words and pointing is often not much help. You won't find "What time is the next train to …" or "I bought this here yesterday" in a dictionary and phrase books don't give any real help over pronunciation. You can get a real sense of how Spanish works by attending the absolutely FREE (to members of the Society), no books to buy, but lots of grammar, EVENING course."

Cosham Conversation Group (Daytime)

Sessions are standalone so regular attendance is not essential
On-going all year although the leader is away about half the time. Group members may wish to meet together in his absence. Wednesday 10.00 to 11.00am At the leader's home in Cosham. No cost Informal and fun group activities designed to get you talking Spanish to others and working with them. The group leader, Mike, is a fluent Spanish speaker who knows Spain, especially Madrid, and the Spanish people and culture very well. You will need some prior knowledge of Spanish and you will also need to be prepared to put your theory into practice and have a go at talking in Spanish with others in a friendly and relaxed environment. Native Spanish speakers are welcome to join the group, taking part in English.

Southsea Conversation Group – daytime

Sessions are standalone so regular attendance is not essential
On-going all the year, though group members may on rare occasions decide not to meet. Wednesday 10.00 to 11.00am On occasion, the meeting day may have to be changed. Group members will be kept informed. At a member's home in Southsea No room costs, but this group asks for donations to fund its activities. Friendly and informal sessions to help you practise your Spanish with other members of the Society. The sessions whilst encouraging are free of pressure to talk. You may take an active part or just listen. Conversation is free to range over a number of topics covering normal everyday situations. The group leader, Barry, has a good knowledge of Spanish and will be able to help you with your questions and a Spanish speaker is often in attendance to help.

Southsea conversation group (2) – Friday afternoon

Sessions are standalone so regular attendance is not essential
All year round. This is a mixed ability group, from intermediate to fluent. Friday 1400-1530 At the organiser’s home in Southsea No room costs. The meetings are informal and provide an opportunity to speak the Spanish language. We choose a topic in advance of each meeting, though on the day we may talk about breaking news.

To discuss your options further please contact the language coordinator
Josie Wheeler


Language News

We are now enrolling for all 2017/2018 courses and groups, except Southsea Conversation group 1, which is currently at full capacity.

New Southsea conversation group
The meetings will be informal, though participants should prepare a conversation item each week. If you're interested, get in contact for more details.
The Society sponsors two Reading Literature in Spanish groups. If you wish to know more about these please contact the Language Coordinator.

There has been much public discussion about how to pronounce chorizo. In April 2017, Radio Solent broadcast a item on this and sent the Society an email "It’s Nishi here from BBC Radio Solent we’re speaking about the pronunciation of the word 'chorizo'! You are the perfect people to ask!" so Ann Wrightson joined the programme by telephone. You can hear her contribution here.