Monthly Meetings 2017/18 Season

September 2017 to December 2017
Thursday 7 September
Film - La niña de tus ojos("The Girl of Your Dreams")1998 Spanish comedy

Thursday 5 October
Spain Revealed
Richard Swaine

Thursday 2 November

Thursday 7 December
Fiesta de Navidad!
2017 Portsmouth Hispanic Society Fiesta de Navidad will be held on Thursday 7 December at our usual venue. All members and their guests are invited as are our friends who, although not enrolled, do attend meetings.
The party is an ideal opportunity to talk to old and new friends in a convivial atmosphere, something we don't really have much time for at our monthly meetings.
The Committee will arrange for a welcoming glass of wine or soft drink, but we rely on couples attending bringing a plate of finger food and a raffle prize: if you are on your own, either is appreciated. That way, the more people who come, the more food there will be. This is important as we are offering hospitality to Flavio and his tango dancers who are entertaining us this year.
As we do not have a licence, we cannot sell wine, but you are more than welcome to bring your own.
Richard has kindly agreed to do another of his masterful quizzes and there will of course also be the raffle.
We would also appreciate help in setting up the venue and tidying up afterwards – if you can help please contact Diane Hiley on 023 9247 9633 or
January to July 2018
Thursday 4 January
The Carlists
Phillip Adams
From 1833 to 1978 the Spanish monarchy was shadowed by a rival regime which engineered revolutions (two of them substantial) against the crowned monarchs. These insurgents were the Carlists and this is their story.

Thursday 1 February
Motorhome Travels in Spain
David McVittie
If you are expecting ancient Spanish culture, glorious cathedrals, castles and works of art this is not what this trip is about. Dave McVittie and his wife and dog travel through the Channel Tunnel, down through France so spend three or four months in Spain.
Yes they do visit Valencia, Granada, Ronda, Cadiz and Cordoba, but they also visit camp sites high in the hills and down on the coast, trying to avoid the usual tourist traps and routes. And as they have a dog, they walk.

If you have ever dreamt of driving through Spain with no ties, tour guides, free as you like Dave's highly illustrated talk will show you just what there is to see.

Thursday 1 March
Hot and hectic - a visit to the Spanish Pyrenees
Brian Fletcher

Thursday 5 April
A Quixotic Quiz with Supper Wines of Southsea

Thursday 3 May
Don Quixote: a second look
Bruce Hardy

Thursday 7 June
Josie Wheeler
Josie spent 16 of her first 18 years of life living in Gibraltar and returns there now and then. The title of this talk allows her indulge in a small dose of nostalgia whilst outlining the turbulent history of The Rock and taking a look at how this history has over the years influenced the “llanito” culture and forged the unique Gibraltarian identity.

TBA Annual Dinner

TBA, July 2018

Summer Social Event

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Please bear in mind that we can only offer wine with the tapas through the generosity of folk who donate a bottle. You don't have to be a member to drink it, so you don't have to be a member to donate it!

If you are one of our speakers listed the webmaster would appreciate approximately 100 words describing your presentation for this web site. Also any updates/alterations or suggestions regarding the entry. An image would also be useful.

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